Clara's "'Cross Roots"

“Hey there, you’re Clara, right?” called a tall and lean fellow with a trim, grey beard who was standing by the course as I fixed the tape at Corn Cross last weekend. “I remember racing with you in Klamath Falls a few years ago. My name is Jeff. How’ve you been doing?”

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Brenna Wrye-SimpsonComment
Race Report – CX Nats ’17

Preface: Nationals was cold. The morning of the UCI races it was 8° fahrenheit and didn’t get much above 20°. My toes still have chilblains but I can finally feel my fingertips. As a result of the cold, not many photos were taken by Tonkin or I. What appears below is scrambled together from the internet, as well as original drawings by Annalisa Fish, the bike fit and PT magician of EndurancePDX (she’s also my cousin).

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S&M Ladies do #CXLA

Nobody really believed it would rain on Sunday.  It may be November 20th, just a week before Thanksgiving, but it’s November in Los Angeles after all.  Nobody expects rainy weather.  I thought the only season in southern California was summer, with the occasional overcast display, thus… cooler summer, and still a far cry from the extra early, extra soggy autumn Mother Nature had delivered to us in Portland.

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