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Team S&M CX is an all-women, professional cyclocross team borne from the ethos and community of Sellwood Cycle Repair. Both the team and the business call Portland, OR home.

This project, animated and elevated by entirely Pacific Northwest sponsors and supporters, aims to perpetuate Team S&M's long-standing tradition of top-level racing and rider development, guided by the blue-collar, familial culture of Sellwood Cycle Repair and Team S&M.

The term "Working Class Cyclocross" originated from team owner Erik Tonkin's careful balance of managing and growing Sellwood Cycle Repair while racing full-time across disciplines. Team S&M's grassroots, organic style comes out of this industrious cross-section and has brought forth a strong lineage of top Pacific Northwest racers.

Clara Honsinger - Athlete

"Lil' Clara" grew up rallying bikes through the alleyways of her hometown, Ashland, Oregon. After moving to Portland in 2015, she was taken under the guidance of the Team S&M family and garnered greater competence in cyclocross terrain. She was successful as a U23 rider, claiming both Pan-American and National titles in the 2018-2019 season and finishing 10th at the World Championships. For the upcoming season, she aims to demonstrate herself as a top North American elite rider and continue to study the nuances of European racing. In June 2019, she returned to school at Oregon State University where she hopes to someday finish her Health and Sciences degree. In her free time, she enjoys wandering through the community garden and reading the newspaper.

Sophie Russenberger - Athlete

We are happy to welcome Sophie to the Team S&M CX family in the '18/'19 season! This will be Soph's sixth season racing cyclocross. She races for Point S Nokian during the road season, and is also a member of the cycling team at Fort Lewis College, where she is pursuing a degree in environmental studies with a minor in public health. An Oregon native, she began racing as a junior with the Bend Endurance Academy, competing in both cyclocross and mountain bike. She spent her first U23 CX season in Switzerland, where she competed in EKZ Crosstour series. After returning to the US, she earned multiple collegiate and U23 podiums at the Grand Prix of Gloucester, NBX, Northampton International, and Collegiate Nationals.

Erik Tonkin - Owner

The team is owned and operated by Erik Tonkin ( "The Caveman") of Kona Factory Team fame. Erik's naturally kind, northern Minnesotan background belies his ruthlessness on the race course. His palmares are many and varied, from driving the break at NRC road races to lead-lap finishes at Cyclocross Worlds and World Cups--but his roots are on the mountain bike.

Beth Ann Orton - Athlete

"BAO" began mountain bike and cyclocross racing in Portland Oregon in 2008, and has been proud to call Team S&M her family for eleven seasons. She has UCI wins to her name at the North Carolina Grand Prix, as well as multiple top five and top ten finishes, most recently at Dallas Resolution Cross Cup, and Oklahoma's Ruts n' Guts CX. During the road season, Beth Ann races for Canaidan UCI program InstaFund Laprima and is recognized as a top time trialist and domestique. She is well known in the racing community for her easy-going smile, humor, and respectful yet competitive nature. When BAO isn't racing, she's usually doing farm chores in Bend, Oregon where she lives with her husband, family, five horses, two dogs, two cats, and a very large garden. Beth works part time as a Physician Assistant in vascular medicine and as a cycling coach. It bears mentioning that Beth Ann loves skiing and fishing. And misadventure.

Brenna Wrye-Simpson - Manager & Mechanic

"Bruno" originally hails from Corvallis in Oregon's picturesque Willamette Valley, where two-wheeled adventures on winding, mossy roads with alternating tree cover and sun breaks captured at least a large portion of her heart early on. In adulthood, she balances a professional road racing gig with the Salt Lake City-based DNA Pro Cycling Team while also working full-time for Sellwood Cycle Repair and Team S&M CX. On the pavement she specializes in any circuit-style race with steep, punchy features and technical elements. Working as pit boss and embracing the cyclocross course as a new outlet each September keeps every racing season fresh.